Friday, 11 August 2017

Shipwrecks Fall Seriously Adrift

Shipwrecks went down heavily in what proved to be their final encounter of the season against RWS Forestry.  Only nine hands arrived in port from an expected eleven at the toss, Andy Hutchinson having missed the longboat and only arriving for the last two overs of the opposition innings.

Fortunately Sid Oates had stowed away to make up the numbers to ten, but short of two bowlers, things were made worse when Davey Fallas pulled up with a strain after one over and was consigned to sick bay.  The understandable result against stronger opposition was the inevitable carnage.

Scores: RWS Forestry 179 for 5 (J. Walker 43 retd., C.Brockwell 40 retd., C.Lumb 32, R.McNay 23, R. Geddes 11 n.o.) : Shipwrecks 99 for 5 (M. Service 42 retd., J.Worthington 19 n.o., A.McEwen 17 ; D.Armstrong 2-29)

To their credit, the batters made good use of their oars and several performed well faced by an insurmountable total, Mike Service notably making a splash with some firm strikes against the better bowling to take the Myers Rum Man of the Match award.

Andy Hutchinson Attacks A High No Ball
Overall the Shipwrecks can be pleased with their campaign this season.  Buried treasure in the cup was never a realistic option and they sailed on for many a nautical mile undefeated in League Division II, presumably finishing second.  They put involvement in the fray higher than success at any cost, fought according to the rules more than some, and basically enjoyed the cruise.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Foul Weather Affects Shipwrecks' Progress

The Shipwrecks went down narrowly in their final League fixture, a top of the table encounter with Dalton at the Kingholm on Thursday in which the home team got the worst of some stormy conditions.

Scores: Dalton 90 - 6 (Barnes 25 ret, Irwin 25 ret, Scarfe 17 ; Hutchinson 2-14) : Shipwrecks 85 - 5 (R Raverty 22, P Raverty 21, Hutchinson 17 n.o. ; Newport 2-12)
Dalton won by five runs

Having lost the toss, Shipwrecks took the field and restricted the run rate until a heavy westerly gale set in causing dangerously slippery decks and a number of no balls that should probably have resulted in an abandonment. Complicated navigational calculations however suggested that the Second Division Championship probably depended on the outcome so the match was continued with some enthusiasm - at least from the visitors - after a brief interruption.

Meanwhile the match ball had started to ressemble a bar of Wright's Coal Tar Soap and the Shipwrecks accordingly dropped a fistful of takeable chances.  Nevertheless, Davey "Jones" Fallas ran out the mysteriously enrolled FGc by kicking the ball onto the stumps and Andy Hutchinson removed McCutcheon with a slow yorker.  So Dalton had to run hard to record any sort of decent score.

Shipwrecks innings was marred by an early incident when John Dougan retired offended by an insulting remark from an oppostion fielder after nearly having been decapitated by a dangerous no ball. Fortunately the matter was resolved by an exchange of semaphore signals between the two captains and the rest of the game was played according to the normal rules of engagement.

Newport fell over twice on the by now soaking artificial as the Raverty brothers made steady progress without running each other out. But at the end of the game Shipwrecks best batters, Hutchinson and Fallas, were left stranded with not enough balls to mount a decisive final attack.

A mighty six by Hutchinson off Newport's last over gave momentary hope but Dalton ran out winners, helped by two sharp catches by a shoeless and padless unnamed Aussie freeloader behind the sticks.

The Sailor Jerry Man of the Match Award went to the cheery Andy Hutchinson for his strong overall contribution.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Shipwrecks On Course

The Shipwrecks remain dangerously on course for the Second Division title in the Foster's Midweek League after another close nine run victory against Dumfries Colts at Nunholm on Thursday.

Scores: Shipwrecks 110 - 7 (R Raverty 28 ret., Service 25 ret., Hutchinson 25 ret. ; McBirnie 3-31) : Dumfries Colts 101 - 7 (Malik 26 ret., Corbett-Byers 26 ret., Little 19 n.o. ; Taylor 2-17)

Batting first, Shipwrecks nearly foundered at the outset as Dougan (all guns firing), Pat Raverty and Sid Oates were all caught out.  The innings was effectively rescued by a strong partnership between Richard Raverty, who finished with a sweet cut shot and Mike Service, who later did a creditable job of keeping Corbett-Byers at bay and scoring a few runs off him too.

Andy Hutchinson scrambled on board late (as usual) to make a third maximum with some measured blows.

On restart Taylor used the moderate southerly to get some swing and fortuitously captured Kyle, who chased a wide'un. Malik never managed full steam in making his retirement and Captain McCuaig skillfully manipulated his available bowling troops so that MacEwan and Hutchinson were held back to strangle the runs in the last few overs.

The OVD Man of the Match Award went to Mike Service for his crucial innings.

Richard Raverty Cuts - Service Looks On
For the avoidance of confusion amongst the ranks, please note that our last two League fixtures are on 2nd (Healthpros) and 3rd August (Dalton) - i.e. consecutive sailings.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Shower Scuttles Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks had a futile maiden voyage to Gatehouse to play Galloway Allstars on Thursday when a heavy storm put an end to hostilities after only sixteen overs with the home crew on 40 for 3.

Having planned to sail with only enough hands to man a coxless eight, Shipwrecks arrived with enough to handle a twelve man schooner and found the home team themselves struggling to put to sea with just eight men, women and children afloat.

Sid Oates treacherously volunteered to jump ship and proceeded to make more runs (14) than he has done all season for his own team at number three.  Meanwhile Taylor eliminated Teale and newcomer Kenny ? put McGrath to the sword before McKenna ran Oates out to put the mariners in complete control.

But foul weather had by then moved in from South East Iceland and the home umpires were finally forced to abandon the game, having first ensured that  all on board got a thorough soaking.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Shipwrecks Overhaul Juniors

Shipwrecks pulled away to a 2-1 victory in this year's regatta against St Michael's Junior Academy on the green, green (and rather long) grass of Kingholm 2 on Thursday, cruising to a six wicket victory.

Scores: St Michael's Junior Academy 65 - 8 (Holmes 30 ret, Henri 28 ret ; Taylor 3-7) : Shipwrecks 66 - 4 (Mahmood 26 ret, P Raverty 17 n.o.)

Having won the toss, the Juniors quickly lost Barnett, scuttled by McEwan, and the home port side were surprised to see overseas sailor Juan Henri joining Holmes at the oars for the second wicket partnership, the two navigating with more caution than in the previous skirmishes. With no Hutchinson to consign him to the depths, Henri managed to emulate Holmes by taking a maximum but it left the the other youngsters without much of a lifeline.

Pat Raverty plays through point
Taylor and Fallas made key thrusts to eliminate Jack and Moore, the latter superbly caught by Mahmood, and the other batters could only pick up a few extra singles.

In return, John Dougan again unwisely chanced a run to Henri and Service fell to a superb capture by Callum McLaughlin, running backwards off the starboard bow. But some patience from Pat Ravery and some lusty blows and sweet timingfrom Mahmood more or less got the Shipwrecks over the line.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Shipwrecks Drawn in Cup Quarter Final

Following consistent squalls, high tides on the on the Kingholm flood plain wiped out this week's return game against Burgh Boys, meaning neither fixture against them has been fulfilled this season.

Meanwhile the the quarter final matches for the Foster's Midweek League Cup have been revealed. After unadvisedly winning their group, Shipwrecks have been drawn against First Division outfit and cup holders RWS Forestry.  Whether we are to be hung and quartered as well remains to be seen.

Matches will be played on 9th or 10th August.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Explosive Alastair Destroys Juniors' Challenge

Shipwrecks overcame some uneven seas and uneven bounce at the K1 artificial on Wednesday night to win their final Round 1 cup encounter with St Michael's Junior Sailing Academy by 47 runs. Midshipman Alastair McEwan provided the killer thrust with an explosive four wicket haul that claimed key batsmen Henri and Holmes.

Scores:  Shipwrecks 104 - 6 (Service 26, Fallas 25, Taylor 17 n.o. ; Dalling 3-28, Holmes 2-1) : St Michael's Junior Academy 57 all out (Holmes 16, Moore 11, R. McNay 10 ; McEwan 4-18, Hutchinson 3-6, Taylor 3-9)

Although not the epic experienced in the League encounter, it was to be a battle in which the fortunes of war alternated sharply.  As Shipwrecks arrived with only one over the eight, Captain McCuaig wisely elected to bat but he and Mike "Senior Service" were soon struggling, particularly against opening bowling Ross Dalling and only one run - a no ball - was recorded in the first three overs. Dalling went on to dismiss McCuaig and then both of the Raverty brothers (last week's key skirmishers) within the space of just four deliveries.

In a change of fortune Service and Davey Fallas started to hit the boundary as hard as a rip tide and the crew were anticipating a big score as the run rate momentarily hit six an over.  Unfortunately "Pirate of the Caribbean" Tom Holmes dismissed both batters with his first two grenades in only the ninth over.

With only three wickets left, it looked like the Shipwrecks were inescably sinking into Davey Jones locker.  McEwan and Colin Taylor decided the only way forward was to batten down the hatches, resulting in the latter facing eighteen deliveries from Holmes without scoring a run.

Once McEwan went to Dan Turner for seven, Taylor and Chick McKenna drew on their 142 years of
Man of the Match McEwan
seafaring experience to plunder a vital twenty runs off the last couple of overs.

Having finally arrived from shore leave, Andy Hutchinson provided a real shiver-me-timbers moment when he produced a great catch at deep midwicket to dismiss Henri off McEwan for four. Ali then captured the wickets of McNay, Bainbridge to a superb catch by wickie Pat Raverty, and the vital one of the ominous Holmes who ladled a return catch.

Once Hutchinson had taken the ball to end Kieran Moore's last ditch effort, he and Taylor were left to swab up the wickets of the remaining sea scouts and the Juniors' innings foundered in the sixteenth over.

The Captain Morgan Man of the Match Award justifiably went to an alarmed Alastair McEwan for his decisive spell of bowling.